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When you’re looking to pen a bestseller, it might be worth your while to partake of a creative writing course. Of course, you might think that you have that proverbial ‘way with words’, but if you take that foray into creative writing, you might just find that the very ‘way’ that you have, leads to the right place.

Here’s a look at the very best online creative writing courses that you can undertake, in order to hone those writing skills of yours to perfection.

You will then be on your way towards becoming a bestselling author, much like the famous French authors of late.

The Best Creative Writing Classes


When you have famous authors like James Patterson and Judy Blume that are a part of this creative journey, you know you’re in the right place.

You will find them on video, talking about all the techniques that they used in order to create the bestsellers that they have dished out over the years.

For instance, you can learn from James Patterson his most secret techniques for writing that gripping fiction; while Judy Blume will teach you a thing on how on how to hold the attention of readers out there.

After all, she isn’t a YA queen for nothing!

Faber Academy

There are numerous creative classes that are taught by these exceptional folks here, through their London location and perhaps even online, if you prefer.

For instance, there are courses that range from a beginner’s guide to writing fiction to writing short stories.

Plus, if you are ready to send a manuscript to a publisher then you might wish to get an assessment from them first.

Of course, you will be charged a fee here, but the Faber Academy will surely ensure your manuscript is in the best possible condition before you send it to an agent or publisher.

Creative Writing Now – Endless Story Ideas

Here you will find that the very core purpose of this course is to come up with great ideas.

Talk about being creative!

When you are enrolled into this course, you will receive three emails over three days.

Now, each of those emails will help you generate some ideas that will help you to write stories of your very own.

The only glitch here is that you have to give your email address with the all too familiar ‘promise’ that you will get ‘special offers’.

Lit Reactor

This is another wonderful writing class that you can indulge in. Chuck Palahnuik, who is known for his amazing creative vision, helms it. Here, for only $9 a month, you can access the writing instructions that are similar to those that you might find in an MFA program.

There are interesting things within the site that you will find, like homework assignments, a writers’ workshop and even critiques that will help you further your craft.

There is even an impressive points system here that actually encourages writers to post their own work as well as critique the work of others.


Created by John Matthew Fox, it is definitely one of the better creative writing courses.

Here you will find ‘The Triangle Method of Character Creation’, which is Fox’s video creative writing course that covers the short story and novel writing principles at their very core.

Furthermore, this course takes you through all the challenges of getting started where it comes to your writing, like character description, character likability and even the process of creating fantastic names.

This is highly recommended, as it is one of the more unique creative writing courses that you will find out there.

The Open University

This one is another gem of a writing course.

Here you will receive pre-recorded video interviews with established authors of the likes of Patricia Duncker and Alex Garland.

So, you have a really great opportunity to learn from successful authors, the tips and tricks that will help you towards creating the bestselling novel you are wishing to bring to the world.

Also, the students in this wonderful course have the opportunity to interact with their peers, as well as offer and receive constructive criticism.

You will learn everything in this course, right from beginning techniques to editing, and even offering writing and reading prompts.