Online Literary Critics To Help Hone Your Writing Career

24December 2018

In the previous point, we have already discussed the importance of getting in touch with people like bloggers and celebrities, in lieu of the upcoming publication of your book.

While that is a great idea, it can be an even better one to get the attention of a literary critic.

This could be someone who writes for an important digital newspaper, or perhaps even a famous author who has several bestsellers to his or her credit.

These people are looked on as literary gurus, and it would be well worth your while to ask them if they could read your work and perhaps offer some kind words in terms of an honest book review or perhaps even a few nice words on social media.

There are some ways you can get them to do this, although be warned that it is not all that easy because apart from getting their attention, your work has to be captivating enough to them for them to want to say a few good words in your favor.

How To Get The Notice Of Literary Critics Out There?

Approach them on social media.

Approach them on social media. You never know, if you’re lucky they might just ask you to send a copy of your work to them, and for the rest, of course, you will have to keep your fingers crossed.

In the case of an editor of an online magazine or newspaper, try and walk into their office.

The secretary might just politely tell you that Madam X has not got the time to meet with you.

Take that in your stride; at least you tried to get the attention of the person who might be highly instrumental in taking your book to greater heights.

Meet with famous authors at literary events. In the cases of famous authors, you will find that it might not be all that simple to get their attention, reclusive as they are.

Therefore, you might consider going to literary events where you will find them in attendance with a whole host of other authors.

You can approach them and ask them if you have a couple of minutes to spare. Of course, having a copy of your book in hand will be an added bonus.

No matter what, ensure that you do your homework well before approaching literary critics. What you need to know is that there might be certain people that might be completely averse to the idea of reading your book, no matter how well intentioned you might be.

For instance, if you are writing a YA (Young Adult) book, it would be well worth your while to approach a famous YA author.

That will make their validation all the more important, since they are commenting on a work in their domain of expertise.

Don’t simply give your book to every other critic. While it might not be a bad idea, it will be much better if you target them selectively.

In fact, this is one of the better ways you can promote your work online.



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