About Us

Hello there! We are a group of French writers that are extremely passionate about the written word.

We started out as a website that was targeted primarily towards French readers but are now seeking to expand our base the world over.

What We Believe In?

We strongly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. Words have a power to transport us to another world, and it is our endeavor to help you discover all that goes on behind the scenes of that written word.

While our primary focus is on French writing, we want you to know that we respect all good writing; irrespective of the country it comes from. That being said, our quintessential French background makes us more than happy to be able to showcase to you the brilliance of some great French authors.

We hope you will love taking a stroll around our website. It is our earnest endeavor to always be able to provide you with the kind of experience that makes you keep wanting to return to our website; much like you would wish to return to the pages of a novel you have just started.

The Future

We want to make more people read; even more than in the past, when there was no social media around. People are spending too much time in the online world and it is our vision that in the future, people will be returning to those pages of writing that keep them enthralled in a completely different world.

We believe that writing about writing, is one of the really great ways in which one can get more people into reading. We wish for our readers to discover more fine French writing in the future, of course, but we also hope they will read more in general.

In our website you will find all the ways in which you can become a better writer yourself as well. You will be able to strive to emulate the great authors that you have grown up reading, and that in itself is a most wonderful thing.

We hope writers like you who are scouring our website, will one day go on to become great authors yourself. At the end of the day, if we have inspired you along your travails in the course of becoming a bestselling author someday, then it will certainly have been worth it.

Books are like a slice of magic; they make you forget the world you live in, and exist in one that is created by another person. As you navigate that world, you come to see how infinite our lives are, and how endless the possibilities. You will be able to experience infinity in a moment and feel the sense of a moment in infinity. That’s the beauty of the written word; it helps you explore the human condition in a way that is completely unique.

That being said, we hope we can inspire you to read (and perhaps even write) more.