The Importance Of Adequate Research To Plot And Characterization

We have already discussed the elements of plot and characterization earlier on in this article. However, do we really know the importance of having some astute research behind the scenes, where it comes to working on these two key elements that go into the recipe of writing a novel? Let’s take a look. The Importance […]

Choosing A Niche: Prose Or Poetry

Ever fancied yourself a poet? Well, you might just wish to choose the shorter form of writing over prose. So, what are the considerations you need to bear in mind where it comes to choosing poetry over prose or vice versa? The thing is, if you like poetry and you’re doing it purely out of […]

Free Online Resources That Can Be Of Tremendous Importance

Besides opting in for those creative writing classes, there are several fabulous (and free) online resources that you can avail of, to help take your writing to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of them. The Best Free Online Writing Resources Writer’s Digest. This one gets big thumbs up. There are tons […]

Upcoming Writing Contests You Should Not Miss

Now that you have approached those literary pundits and had all those book readings in eclectic venues, what next? You will find there is one thing that can get you a good deal of publicity, although it is far from being a clear and cut given. We’re talking entering writing contests here. Forget the prize […]

Online Literary Critics To Help Hone Your Writing Career

In the previous point, we have already discussed the importance of getting in touch with people like bloggers and celebrities, in lieu of the upcoming publication of your book. While that is a great idea, it can be an even better one to get the attention of a literary critic. This could be someone who […]

How To Promote Your Work Online

Once your book is in the stages of production or perhaps even after you have signed that highly touted contract with the publisher of your choice, what you want to do is to set the ball rolling and ensure your book gathers some steam in the process of you making it every bit the bestseller […]