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We strongly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. Words have a power to transport us to another world, and it is our endeavor to help you discover all that goes on behind the scenes of that written word.

We hope you will love taking a stroll around our website. It is our earnest endeavor to always be able to provide you with the kind of experience that makes you keep wanting to return to our website; much like you would wish to return to the pages of a novel you have just started.

Anticipated Book Releases By French Author

2018 has indeed been a spectacular year for the literary circuit, and that includes some archaic prose from France’s finest writers. Here we will take a glimpse into the most anticipated French-authored books of 2018, and of course the authors behind the stellar prose in the pages that they contain

The Plot, The Theme And The First Draft

In the end, it all comes down to you sitting in your chair and actually writing that book of yours. Exciting as it might be, you might wish to consider a few pertinent tips where it comes to actually putting those words down on paper. The idea, of course, is to create something that is compelling; something that will stand out and be noticed by the people that read it.

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The Importance Of Adequate Research To Plot And Characterization

We have already discussed the elements of plot and characterization earlier on in this article. However, do we really know the importance of having some astute research behind the scenes, where it comes to working on these two key elements that go into the recipe of writing a novel? Let’s take a look. The Importance […]

Choosing A Niche: Prose Or Poetry

Ever fancied yourself a poet? Well, you might just wish to choose the shorter form of writing over prose. So, what are the considerations you need to bear in mind where it comes to choosing poetry over prose or vice versa? The thing is, if you like poetry and you’re doing it purely out of […]

Free Online Resources That Can Be Of Tremendous Importance

Besides opting in for those creative writing classes, there are several fabulous (and free) online resources that you can avail of, to help take your writing to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of them. The Best Free Online Writing Resources Writer’s Digest. This one gets big thumbs up. There are tons […]

Upcoming Writing Contests You Should Not Miss

Now that you have approached those literary pundits and had all those book readings in eclectic venues, what next? You will find there is one thing that can get you a good deal of publicity, although it is far from being a clear and cut given. We’re talking entering writing contests here. Forget the prize […]

The Best Writing Competitions In 2018

We have already touched upon the importance of entering writing competitions with a view towards carving a niche for ourselves in the literary world. So, what are the best literary competitions that we might wish to enter in the year 2018?

The Glimmer Train Contest. The word count for this is 12000 words. Open to all writers the world over, this contest touches on the genres of fiction and the short story.

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Detention Girls SeriesDetention Girls – the first addition in the video corner. This series, presented to us by Nubiles studio is touching the very sublime subject of misbehaviour of today’s youth. These girls lack good manners, they are bratty and you wouldn’t be able to stand them for more than 5 minutes unless… you give them a proper lesson of punishment!

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Hot And Mean of Brazzers
Hot And Mean of Brazzers

They are hot, they are mean but the most importantly they are in love with other women. Watch this Brazzers exclusive for free, now.

Lucky Humpers

Lucky Humpers – Be lucky as well! See these lil humpers getting it on with no problem, even when they are on a battle against world’s most famous MILFs. This series is going to re-define the importance of the male talent in the adult industry. And these guys, full of hormones and stamina are ready to prove a thing or two!

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Dancing Bear
Dancing Bear – Wild Parties

When girls plan to party… they do it very very wild. See what Tale of the Dancing Bear is and browse craziest girls in the wild kind of footage.

Family Swap - XXX Edition

Family Swap XXX – it is all about family fun these days. Watch this brand new concept of Nubiles, where 4 families meet in order to procreate in the most basic way. But there are countless possibilities when it comes to mixing it up.

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Haze Her - Initiation Rituals
Haze Her – Initiation Rituals

Initiation rituals for girls by girls. Watch them become the proper college students by doing all sorts of questionable dares.

Transfixed Series

Transfixed – the brand new era in transexual entertainment. The biggest names, the best quality and the most provocative real life scenarios leading to exclusive, unique episodes. Started in 2019 it continues its journey in 2021 with brand new videos!

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Big Tits Round Asses
Big Tits Round Asses – Bangbros

The finest and roundest thick bodies out there. Watch years of work put into this database… in some solid action!


Disruptive Films – all about taboo cinema of our society. Real life situations taken into fantasy world of forbidden and unacceptable encounters. Watch men ending up in situations that can be finished the one way only.

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Icon Male - Mile High Media
Icon Male – Mile High Media

The hottest gay encounters in taboo fashion. Watch the true meaning of high quality fantasy entertainment dedicated to men.

Evil Angel

Evil Angel – sit back, relax and enjoy some of the filthiest stuff you are ever going to experience. Thanks to dirty minds of directors featured in Evil Angel you are about to enter the world of total debauchery. Question is – are you ready?

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